Sasha Steensen is the author of four books of poems: House of Deer, The Method, and A Magic Book, all from Fence Books, and most recently, Gatherest from Ahsahta Press.  Recent work has appeared in Kenyon Review, West Branch, Omniverse, and Dusie. “Openings: Into Our Vertical Cosmos” was published as an online chapbook by Essay Press. She teaches Creative Writing and Literature at Colorado State University, where she also serves as a poetry editor for Colorado Review. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband and two daughters, and she tends a garden, a flock of chickens, a bearded dragon, a barn cat, a standard poodle, and two goats.

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Colorado State University





2005, Ph.D., State University of New York, Buffalo
2000, M.F.A., Creative Writing, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1997, B.A., History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


(2017-present) Professor, English, Colorado State University
(2011-2016) Associate Professor, English, Colorado State University
(2005-2010) Assistant Professor, English, Colorado State University
(2000-2005) Graduate Assistant, English, State University of New York, Buffalo
(2004) Instructor, English, Central Methodist College, Fayette, Missouri
(1998-2000) Graduate Assistant, English, University of Nevada, Las Vegas



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Refereed Journal Article, Criticism:

2017, “Bellwethers: Shame and My Left Breast,” Reflections on the Election, Essay Press.
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Refereed Chapters in Books, Poems:

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Refereed Chapters in Books, Prose:

2010, “Five Steps to the Five Minute Chapbook,” Poets on Teaching. Iowa University Press.

Other (book reviews, encyclopedia entries, interviews):

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Other (reviews of books by Sasha Steensen):

Kerstetter, Abigail, 2014. Review of House of Deer, Fort Collins Courier, Fall 2014.
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Manuscripts Accepted for Publication (in press):

“Porous and Continuous with the World: Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge’s Four Year Old Girl,” Quo Anima, University of Akron Press (anthology, refereed)


Invited Readings (International):

April 5th, 2016. Ivy Writers Series, Paris, France

Invited Readings (National):

November 19, 2014, Danny’s Reading Series, Chicago, IL
November 18, 2014, Prairie Light Books, Iowa City, IA
October 2, 2014, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV.
May 21, 2014, Berl’s Poetry Shop, Brooklyn, NY
May 19, 2014, Albany Reading Series, Albany, NY
May 18, 2014, 2014, Frank O’Hara’s Last Lover, Philadelphia, PA
May 17, 2014, Torn Page, New York, NY
February 27, 2014, The Recency Effect, Seattle, WA
April 19, 2013, Boise State University Reading Series, Boise, ID
March 1, 2012, Bayou Magazine Reading, Chicago, IL
March 2, 2012, Interim Journal Reading, Chicago, IL
March 5, 2011, Flying Guillotine Reading, Washington DC
March 6, 2011, off-site AWP Reading, Washington DC
March 26, 2010, Olson Centenary Reading, Worcester, MA
October 2, 2010, Poetry Reading, “Beyond Baroque,” Venice, CA
March 26, 2010, Olson Centenary Reading, Worcester, MA
December 13, 2008, Clear Cut Reading Series, Lincoln, NE
December 4, 2008, Robin’s Bookstore Readings, Philadelphia, PA
December 3, 2008, Fence New Books Reading, The New School, New York, NY
December 1, 2008, Fence New Books Reading, Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA
October, 11, 2008, Dos Books Reading, Domy Books, Austin TX
October, 10, 2008, Dos Books Reading, Trinity Univesity, San Antonio, TX
February 2, 2008, Not For Mothers Only Anthology Reading, New York, NY
June 12, 2007, Peace on A Poetry Series, NY, NY
March 3, 2007, Off-site AWP Reading, Atlanta, GA
March 1, 2007, Associated Writing Program Reading, Fence Books, Atlanta, GA
December 29, 2006, Off-site MLA Reading, Philadelphia, PA
March 26, 2006, A Celebration of Innovative NYC Poetry Presses, Poetry Society of America, New York, NY

Invited Readings (State—Colorado):

March 19, 2016, Mountain Fold Books, Colorado Springs, CO
October 23, 2014, CSU Reading Series, Fort Collins, CO
July 15, 2014, Firehouse Books Reading, Fort Collins, CO
December 11, 2013, Every Eye Reading Series, Fort Collins, CO
June 27, 2013, Poetic Inventory of Rocky Mountain National Park, Fort Collins, CO
April 27, 2013, Inisfree Bookstore, Boulder, CO
November 30, 2012, Fence Books Reading, Denver, CO
Oct. 12, 2012, Reading at the Society for the Study of American Women Writers Conference,Denver, Colorado.
April 1, 2011, Poetry Reading at Firehouse Books, Fort Collins, CO
April 15, 2011, National Poetry Month, Fort Collins Public Library, Fort Collins, CO
November, 14, 2011, Equinox Brewery, ART 324 Reading, Fort Collins, CO
December 3, 2010, Poetry Reading, Pomegranate Place, Denver, CO
October 9, 2010, Poetry Reading, Lost Lakes Bar, Denver, CO
April 10, 2010, First 100 Days Reading, Off-site AWP Reading, Denver, CO
April 8, 2010, Colorado Poets Read, Off-site AWP Reading, Denver, CO
November 19, 2009, Mugs Coffee House, Fort Collins, CO
February 27, 2009, DU Reading, Denver University, Denver, CO
March 14, 2008, Fence Books Reading, Naropa University, Boulder, CO
February 29, 2008, Four Poets for Leap Day, Denver, CO. This reading was recorded and has been produced by “Rabbit Light Movies;” it can be viewed at
November 2, 2007, Not for Mothers Only Release Reading, Naropa University, Boulder, CO
August 9, 2007, Dikeau Collection Reading Series, Denver, CO
June 30, 2007, Panagea Literary Festival, Fort Collins, CO
April 9, 2007, Poetry Reading, Naropa University, Boulder, CO
March 17, 2007, Paupers & Pioneers: A Conference on the Small Press, CU Boulder, CO
November 10th, 2005, Colorado State University, Hatton Gallery, Fort Collins, CO

Radio Programs:

October, 2, 2014, Literary Las Vegas with Chris Sieroty, KNPR.
January 15, 2006, With Dona Stein, The Poetry Show, KRFC 88.9, Ft. Collins, CO


2014, CLA Professional Development Fund to travel to Vietnam for research.
2013, CLA Professional Development Fund to promote House of Deer.
2010, CLA Professional Development Fund to participate in the Charles Olson Centenary in Worcester, MA
2008, CLA Professional Development Fund to perform readings from The Method
2006, CLA Professional Development Fund to Travel to New York City for letterpress instruction at the Center for Book Arts
2006, AEP Grant for course release to complete writing of The Method
2006, CLA Professional Development Fund to Travel to Turkey and complete research on The Method


April 11, 2015, “Poetry of the Plains, High Desert and Prarie.” Associated Writing Programs Conference. Minneapolis, MN.
February 28, 2014, “The Poetic Sentence” Associated Writing Programs Conference, Seattle, WA
February 29, 2014, “What are We Projecting: American Poetry and Poetics in the Era of the Project,” Associated Writing Programs Conference, Seattle, WA
September 27, 2013, “I Couldn’t Stop Watching.” Front Ranges: Collaborations Up and Down the Front Range, &Now Conference, Boulder, CO.
March 19, 2013, “The Plastic and the Rigid: Dreaming Structure in John Berryman’s Dream Songs;” OMG and WTF: John Berryman’s Legacy of Extreme Expression,
Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University.
November 30, 2012, “Small Press Publishing,” Counterpath Books, Denver, CO.
March 2, 2012, “The Legacy of Keith and Rosemarie Waldrop, Burning Deck Press,” Associated Writing Programs, Chicago, IL. (Refereed)
March 6, 2011, “Small Press Publishing,” Associated Writing Programs, Washington D.C.
November 13, 2010, “Small Press Publishing,” Naropa University, Boulder, CO.
March 27, 2010, “‘Cunt, Great Mother, Cow or Whore’: Charles Olson’s Unlikely Influence on Contemporary Female Poets,” Olson Centenary Conference, Worcester, MA, (Refereed)
February 1, 2008, “Revisiting Ekphrasis: The Field Report in the Creative Writing Poetry Classroom,” Associated Writing Programs Pedagogy Forum, Moderator, New York, NY, (Refereed)
March 2, 2007, “Reading to Write: Pound's ABC of Reading in the Undergraduate Classroom,” Associated Writing Programs Pedagogy Forum, Moderator, Atlanta, GA, (Refereed)
October 22, 2005, “To Margin that Mystery: Moving Through Susan Howe's Environments.” Attention / Inattention, Critique and Create, The University of Denver, Denver, CO, (Refereed)


2007-present, Poetry Editor, Colorado Review; Summer 2008 received a positive review in Literary Magazine Review.
Summer 2008 & Summer 2009 received positive reviews in New Pages Review:
2006-present, Co-Editor, Bonfire Press
2011, Mountain’s Edge, Broadside by Donald Revell
2011, Roman and Moscow Poems, Chapbook by Martin Corless-Smith
2010, from Called, Broadside by Kate Greenstreet
2009, “Sound,” Broadside by Martha Ronk
2008, The Maximum, Chapbook by Sarah Campbell
2008, Untitled Broadside by Lyn Hejinian
2008, The Abstracted Heart of Hours and Days, Chapbook by Eleni Sikelianos
2008, “To Ric,” Broadside by Alice Notley
2007, Some Kinds of Poems, Chapbook by Graham Foust
2007, Everyone in the Room is a Representative of the World at Large, Chapbook by Catherine Wagner
2007, “Trying to Believe,” Broadside by Claudia Keelan
2006, “The Lost Boy,” Broadside by Bill Tremblay


Selected Graduate Courses:

Poetry Workshop
Graduate Seminar: Hybrid Writing
Form and Technique: Poetry
Graduate Seminar: In the American Grain, Poets and American History
Graduate Seminar: The Ecstasy of Influence

Selected Upper-Division Courses:

Senior Capstone: Major Author, Emily Dickinson
Modern Poetry
Contemporary Poetry
Advanced Poetry Workshop

Selected Lower-Division Courses:

Introduction to American Literature
Introduction to Poetry
Intermediate Poetry Workshop
Modern Women Writers

Independent Studies:

The Erasure Poem
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry



Department Administration, Committees, and Service
English Department Awards Committee, 2015-present
English Department Undergraduate Committee, 2014-present
English Department GTA Selection Committee-2016
Director of Creative Writing, 2012-2014
Periodic Comprehensive Performance Committee, 2011-2013, 2015-present (chair, 2012-2013 academic year)
English Department Executive Committee, 2010-2012
English Department Graduate Committee, 2007-2010
English Department Creative Writing Committee, 2005-present
English Department Reading Series Committee, 2005-present
“A” Literary Journal Faculty Advisor, 2007-2012
GTA Creative Writing Screeing Committee, 2006-present
Library Acquisitions Project, 2007-2011
Periodic Comprehensive Review Committee, 2011-present

Professional Affiliations and Activities:

Memberships in professional societies
Associated Writing Programs, 2006-present

Review/editorial boards:

Co-editor, Bonfire Press, 2006-2011
Co-editor, Colorado Review, 2007-present

Manuscript Refereeing/ Judging:

Judge, Cadigan Prize, Bucknell University, 2016
Judge, English Department Creative Writing Scholarship, 2005-present
Judge, AWP Intro Award, 2005-present
Judge, Ruth Lilly Prize for Poetry 2005-present
Judge, Academy of American Poets Prize, 2005-present
Screening Judge, Colorado Prize for Poetry, 2006 & 2008


August 2011-present, reading coach, Bennett Elementary
August 2011-present, poetry teacher, Bennett Elementary
September 2014-present, Sunday school teacher, Plymouth Congregational Church.
October 4, 2007, “Introduction to the Print Shop,” Delivered as part of the Ram Tracks Program, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
September 27, 2007. “Introduction to the Print Shop,” Delivered to Professor Christine Nelson’s History of Graphic Design Course, Colorado State University, CO
June 30, 2007, “Book Binding: An Informal Talk,” Panagea Literary Festival, Fort Collins, CO
February 19, 2007, “The Book Unbound,” English Department Faculty Colloquium, Fort Collins, CO
June 20, 2007, Young Writer’s Workshop, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
May 2, 2006, “Needle to the Page: A Book Making Seminar,” Friends of the Library, Colorado State University Library, Ft. Collins, CO
2005-2006, Development of the Bookmaking/ Book Arts Center
October 7, 2005, “Basic Bookmaking Techniques,” The Literacy Network, Harmony Public Library. Ft. Collins, CO